Handling Guide


  • Scoop Lexi up from under her belly

  • Keep one hand in front of her if able.

  • Sit down while holding Lexi (if able)

  • Set Lexi down if she shows defensive behavior (tail waving, biting, screaming, grunting)

  • Feed her while holding her (optional)


  • Grab Lexi's tail

  • Grab Lexi's head, unless she is choking

  • Close your hand around Lexi's body

  • Try to pick Lexi up while she is hiding

  • Hold Lexi a long way from the floor or table if you can help it

  • Try to pick Lexi up if she is running away from you

  • Try to pick Lexi up if her tail is standing up and swaying back and forth

  • Drop Lexi; always keep one hand in front of her so that she doesn't fall

  • Hold Lexi back-side-down. Leopard geckos are not meant to be on their backs, and can sustain serious injury if held this way.